Wilmer Valderrama & Minka Kelly’s Romance Heats Up!

April 3, 2012

The rumored romance between Wilmer Valderrama and Minka Kelly has taken a whole new turn and it is getting hot!

Oh yeas Wilmer and Minka have not only taken their new relationship down under to Australia but they were reportedly all over each other on the trip. People.com is reporting, along with a very cute and cozy picture of the two, the actor and actress walking arm and arm all the while appearing very close. This most recent pic is certainly adding fuel to the fire that these two are not exactly platonic friends, if you know what I mean. The two were all smiles and were looking pretty lovey if you ask me.

Reports that the Awake actor and Derek Jeter’s ex were more than friends began circulating a couple of weeks go with allegations that they were very flirty and all over each other at L.A.’s Greystone Manor. That was the same night that the two allegedly left together, according to People.com. Although the rumors are running rampant on the Net there has been no comment from Valderrama’s rep or Kelly’s rep, however a picture is worth a thousand words and I don’t think there is any denying these two are more than just pals.

I have to say that even though I am not a huge fan of his I kind of think they make a cute couple. A little bit of an unusual pairing given that he is such a ladies man while she is more of a serial relationship kind of girl but hey weirder things have happened. I mean I never thought Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel would be more than just a fling. As for whether or not this duo has staying power that remains to be seen.  That is what I have to say about the rumored new Hollywood couple, what are your thoughts?


Photos By: WENN/Judy Eddy/Andres Otero/RHS/Jody Cortes/Robert Wallace

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One Response to “Wilmer Valderrama & Minka Kelly’s Romance Heats Up!”

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    idol white Says:

    wilmer has such a pretty smile!!