Sunny Oglesby: Levi Johnston’s Pregnant Girlfriend

April 3, 2012

Sunny Oglesby is Levi Johnston’s  pregnant girlfriend. Yes, apparently one baby mama wasn’t enough. Even if he and Bristol Palin weren’t going to work out, who needs two kids by two different women by the age of 21?


I am just not sure how to get to this level of thinking. It was always my personal goal to NOT get pregnant until I graduated college. I met my husband when I was 19 and he was 20. We married at 22 and 23 however we had many talks about waiting till we were ready to bring a child into this world. I wanted to graduate college, and be able to properly afford children. Never mind the fact that I wanted to be sure I could be that selfless person that a small child needs. Partying, staying out late – all those things are done and over. And now we focus on our kids. Why don’t people think things out? I don’t understand it!


TMZ reports that Sunny Oglesby, who is a 20 year old teacher and has been dating Levi for a little over a year, is less than three months and not showing. Why they felt the need to announce it is beyond me. Oh, wait. Are they getting a second round of 15 minutes?

Johnston is said to be “so excited” about starting a new family with Oglesby.

 As for his first child, Tripp who is three, Levi says he has been prevented from seeing him for over a month.

If that is true, and he is paying child support, he needs to take her to court. That is not right. Who knows the real deal though.

What do you think about Sunny Oglesby, Levi Johnston’s  pregnant girlfriend – round two?


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