Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Double-Firings on 3-hour Episode 7

April 2, 2012

Last night was a 3-hour special Celebrity Apprentice. Our recap of Episode 7 begins at Trump Towers where The Donald, flanked by Ivanka and Don Jr., issue the orders for the first of two tasks. The teams are to design a celebrity guidebook for New York City tourists and sell as many as they can for charity. Trump informs them that Toshiba, who is supplying tablets for the task, will pony up an extra $35,000 for the best guidebook as determined by a special guest judge. Teresa Giudice is the Project Manager for the women′s team, Forte, and Dee Snider is PM for the men′s team, Unanimous.  How will Aubrey O’Day handle the excitement on Celebrity Apprentice?

Donald Trump, seen here with Miss Universe (and Celebrity Apprentice) Dayana Mendoza, had a long night in a three-hour special episode. Image Credit: Ivan Nikolov / Wenn.com.

The ladies are still bickering with each other and generally hate Dayana Mendoza, the Venezuelan Miss Universe. But Dayana did come up with a generally good idea for this task, to produce a guidebook showing the celebrities favorite places in NYC. Across the hall, Dee likes Penn Gillette′s idea of taking skyline photos from the roof of Trump Towers and having each celebrity say something about a section of the city. The teams must also build a kiosk to sell their guidebooks on the street, plus try to convince their rich pals to cough up big bucks, too.

Lisa Lampanelli and Debbie Gibson make short work of taking pictures of a few places they like, then rush back to HQ to meet with the graphic artist. The other women waste too much time taking their pictures and upset Lisa who feels most of the pressure for getting the book done. When they return, Debbie asks Teresa about their kiosk and Teresa is clueless. So Debbie and Aubrey O′Day rush out to buy what they need for that. Things are going smoothly for the men. Arsenio Hall has a commitment from Jay Leno to make a sizable donation for their cause.

Both teams hit the streets the next morning and are selling their guidebooks for $5 each to the general public. Then the big donors start showing up. Penn′s partner, Teller arrives with the Blue Men Group and drop off $20,000. But a large balloon the Blue Men are using as a prop bursts and a gush of air blows a bunch of money around. Many in the crowd walk off with the cash. The ladies are getting their big donors, too. All goes well in general except for Arsenio, as Jay Leno′s check fails to arrive in time to count.

Before the Board Room, Trump meets with Regis Philbin, who is the guest judge. Regis likes both guidebooks a lot, and tells The Donald who wins the Toshiba bonus. At the Board Room, the women continue to bicker amongst themselves. Lisa retells her issues with Dayana and Debbie tosses Teresa under the bus. The men talk about the balloon disaster, though Penn doesn′t think it was a big deal since most of the lost money was that which the Blue Men Group were donating themselves.

Donald informs them that Regis liked the women′s guidebook more, so they get an extra $35,000 added to their total. But even with that, the difference between the two teams was a mere $14! The women raised $162,855 and the men raised $162,869. So even without Jay Leno′s check, and the lost money, the men win! Dee′s charity, the March of Dimes, will get all of the cash from both teams.

As the men celebrate in the Champagne Room, the ladies tear away at each other. Lisa and Aubrey get away scott free, despite Aubrey raising the least amount of money. Teresa brings Debbie and Dayana back. Dayana is more relaxed this Board Room since she raised a nice hunk of change, about $25,000, more than Debbie. Teresa and Debbie exchange slurs until The Donald has heard enough and fires Debbie for her lack of money. Returning to the Champagne Room, Dayana tells Aubrey that had she been there, Trump would have fired her instead! That unleashes a fresh round of bickering.

The next task is to create both a video and live presentation for the new ′Walk with Walgreen′ program, as well as designs for the outside of the kit box. People who shop at Walgreens will be able to earn points by walking as part of a health and fitness drive. Trump chides the women for losing five of seven tasks, so he mixes up the two teams. Teresa and Aubrey join Unanimous while Penn, Dee and Lou Ferrigno move to Forte. Lou and Arsenio are Pms while Don Jr. and Eric Trump serve as viceroys for Daddy.

Both teams meet with execs from Walgreens who lay out what they want. At Forte, Lisa lies low, letting her new team mates carry the ball. Penn suggests a plan, which Lou agrees to, but Penn has to leave for most of the day to do a show in Toronto. He will return in the morning in time for the live presentation. Their theme is to talk about things they like to do while walking. Over at Unanimous, Aubrey runs roughshod over Arsenio, injecting her ideas whether wanted or not. They decide on doing a game show for the presentation and will use their pictures on the kit box.

Don Jr. stops by to check on Forte. Dee is working on the kit box design and tells Don Jr. how wonderful Dayana is. This cheeses off Lisa, who later rips into Dee about it. Eric visits Unanimous and senses the tension between Aubrey and Arsenio. She is undermining his entire plan. Arsenio scolds her in front of Eric and Aubrey leaves the room.

The next day, Forte does their presentation first. Lou tells the crowd his personal story of how walking helped him recover from his double knee and hip replacement surgery. Penn is punchy from no sleep and jetlag and goofs by saying ′Walk with WalMart′ once! The Walgreen execs were not happy about that! Dayana saved the day in her one-piece bathing suit and Miss Universe regalia. Few, if anyone, pays Penn any attention. The execs liked Lou best but were also unhappy about some of the graphics and verbage on the signage. Then Unanimous does their game show. The execs like the kit box they designed and dig Arsenio, but think the game show is lame. Plus it does not give any info about the actual program.

In the Board Room, Lisa throws Lou under the bus almost immediately, calling him a bad PM. On the other side of the table, Arsenio and Clay trash Aubrey. They say she is not a team player and often does things without approval. It gets pretty ugly to the point where Aubrey starts crying. Then Arsenio starts crying, too, being so worked up. Trump tells them that the Walgreen execs liked Arsenio best and his team wins. As Unanimous leaves, Aubrey takes off and does not follow the rest to the Champagne Room.

The ugliness continues as Forte self-destructs. Lisa and Lou go at it. Then Lou tosses Dee under the bus since the main reason they lost, the poor graphics, was his responsibility. Lou winds up bringing Dee and Dayana back to the Board Room to face their final execution. Dee continues to stick up for Dayana, who tells Trump to fire Lou. Dee and Lou spar away at each other. But Donald Trump has heard enough and fires Dee Snider. And so ends our recap of Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 7. Will we see Aubrey in Episode 8? Tune in to find out!

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3 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Double-Firings on 3-hour Episode 7”

  1. 1
    jenivieve Says:

    Trump needs to get outta Dayana’s butt and fire her already. For real it is getting old. She sucks!

  2. 2
    The French guy Says:

    I dont agree, inthink she was very good in this task, she actually pinpointed the main drawbacks, the words in the background, the design of the box and she saved the day with the beauty queen joke. i think Lisa is too opinionated and gets everybody to hate dayana. I want to see the next episode, she jas to step up as PM or she will be fired if they loose.

  3. 3
    Andy Z Says:

    In yesterday’s episode, Dayana was not part of the problem in either task. She did not deserve to be dragged back into the Board Room in both cases.

    Lisa and Aubrey may do a lot but most of what they have done has not been good enough to win. Keeping them around is sort of like tenure for bad teachers or some other government-run office or enterprise, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, where failure is rewarded.