Maria Menounos Performs On DWTS With Two Broken Ribs: Caption This Photo

March 27, 2012

Maria Menounos has been dancing her heart out on Dancing With The Stars the past couple of weeks and she has being doing it injured. She has two broken ribs but they are not slowing her down, which is why she has been chosen as Right Celebrity’s Caption This photo contest for the week!

If you saw Maria on DWTS last night you know she is doing an amazing job but did you know she has been doing it with two broken ribs? I will have more info on her situation in one hot second but first I want to tell you all about our Caption This photo contest. It so easy and I am sure you all know the drill by now but just in case we have some newbies out there I am going to reiterate it. All you have to do is take a look at the above pic of Menounos then caption it by leaving your witty remarks in the below comments section. Then next Tuesday check back here because not only will a brand new pic and hot topic be posted but you just might see that you were announced as the big winner! See it is fun and easy so get captioning folks.

So let’s dish about poor Maria and her broken ribs. Turns out during rehearsal a few weeks ago she ripped the intercostal muscles off her ribs. I don’t exactly know what that means in medical terms but it so doesn’t sound good. However the Extra co-host is taking it all in stride having been quoted as saying that it gives her a leg up on the competition. She is dancing broken as she called. All I can say it that it is clearly working for her. In all seriousness though here is hoping that she heals soon and takes care of herself in the process.


Photos By: WENN/JG/Ivan Nikolov/Adriana M. Barraza/Michael Wright/APXRyan Fu

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