Up All Night & Awake Sneak Peek Videos

March 22, 2012

Who is ready for some fabulous sneak peek videos of tonight’s brand new episodes of Up All Night and Awake? I have them for you right here and trust me when I say they are must see videos!

Awake Cast

It is Thursday, which means my new favorite comedy Up All Night is on as well as the new NBC show Awake. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about the latter show, it is different which I like but not sure I am 100% into it yet.

Henry Winkler guest stars as Ava’s dad on Up All Night. He isn’t the only famous celebrity making an appearance tonight either. Sharon Osbourne will go head to head with Ava a.k.a Maya Rudolph, you can see a glimpse of that battle below.

Now I can’t very well tell you that Winkler is going to be on the show and not give you a little peek at him in action now can I? Nope I sure can’t, so enjoy because it is so freaking hysterical.

There is one more little surprise for you. In the videos below both Sharon and Henry discuss working on the NBC hit comedy.

I know there has been a lot of focus on Up All Night in this post but I did promise you a glimpse of Awake and I never break a promise to my faithful readers. In the preview Britten runs across Rex’s former babysitter in not one but both worlds and is shocked to find out she is a completely different person in both worlds, interesting.

If you haven’t seen Awake then I highly recommend that you check it out. As I said I am still on the fence about it but it is definitely intriguing. All that being said NBC Thursday night line-up is looking pretty darn good to me how about you?

Photos: www.wenn.comFayesVision

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