Soap Dish: Happy 25th Anniversary To The Bold & The Beautiful

March 17, 2012

It is Soap Dish time again baby and this week I am dishing on the 25th Anniversary of The Bold and The Beautiful. Wowza can you believe it has been that long since the show debuted?

The Bold   The Beautiful Cast

On Monday March 19th the CBS disastrous talk show The Talk will honor the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful as the show celebrates 25 years of being on the air. The special episode will feature long time and new cast members from B&B. Those expected to appear include John McCook, Texas Battle, Jacob Young, Katherine Kelly Lang, Kimberly Matula and Heather Tom.

Don’t worry this column isn’t going to just blab about The Talk, which in my book is a soap opera killer RIP As The World Turns. Nope I am going to praise the show that Bill Bell and his lovely wife Lee Phillip Bell created all those years ago. Although I am totally going to show my age here I remember when B&B debuted back in 1987. I was surprised that is was only a half hour show but yet intrigued by what could be done in that amount of time. Remember all other soaps at that time were an hour long.

That being said I was immediately sucked into the world of The Forrester’s that includes divulging into the fashion world. I mean from the fashion industry to the town tramp Brooke Logan to the amazing location shoots in Italy B&B had me from hello, so to speak. Seriously the location shoots that have been done in Italy, where the show is a mega hit, are absolutely one of my favorite things about the show. Especially since it was just revealed the show is going back there, not something done in today’s world of budget cuts. Oh and let me not forget the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor stories that no matter how many times it is done is still amazing.

I am not going to rehash all the stories and crap because well if you are a fan you already know it. Instead I want to simply say to the fabulous cast and all of those who work on the show, thanks for the last 25 years. Here is hoping for another 25 years of outstanding story lines and drama.

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