Rihanna’s Father Supports Chris Brown

March 11, 2012

In a jaw dropping interview, singer Rihanna’s dad has shown his support for rapper Chris Brown, as well as referring to his daughter as fat. Get the details regarding Roger Fenty’s Q & A session with Heat Magazine below.

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This latest news regarding the Chris Brown/Rihanna saga should have some in an uproar. Ronald Fenty, the father of the Umbrella singer, has shown his support for the notoriously bad behaved rapper, who is well known for more than just his anger management issues.

After assaulting and humiliating his daughter, Fenty has shown his support by surprisingly calling singer Chris Brown a nice guy. “Chris is a nice guy and everyone is entitled to make a mistake in their life. God knows how many I’ve made. She’s her own woman now,” Rihanna’s father is quoted as saying during a recent interview with the U.K’s Heat Magazine.

Fenty also went on to call his pop singing daughter, and sex symbol, fat the last time he saw her, before the Rihanna reportedly lost weight. “I actually thought she was a little fat last time I saw her,” he told the UK’s Heat magazine. “When I saw her this time, I thought she was back to her normal size. I used to joke with her, ‘Robyn, you’re getting too fat!’ But I think she’s fine, I think she looked excellent, as everyone saw, at the Grammys.” Rihanna’s dad added, “She’s dieting, she’s working out, getting confused with George Clooney or Brad Pitt.”

In other news, Rihanna performed at the Make It Right Foundation Gala in New Orleans this past weekend. The event was hosted by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actor Brad Pitt.

Tell us what you think of Fenty’s comments regrading Chris Brown and his comments about Rihanna’s weight below.

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