Bobbi Kristina Brown Wants Her Name Changed To Kristina Houston

March 11, 2012

Is Bobbi Kristina Brown really changing her name to Kristina Houston? Well that could very well be in the works considering she is none too happy with her famous father and wants nothing to be do with him.

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It is no secret that Whitney Houston’s daughter has had some issues with her father Bobby Brown but according to TMZ things have gotten so bad that the 19 year wants to change her name to Kristina Houston. Oh yes it appears someone does not want any reminders of her father.

Apparently this is something she has wanted to do for a very long time, going back as far as when her famous parents got divorced but Whitney would not let her do it. Now that her mother is no longer here Bobbi Kristina has made the decision to change her name and honor Houston at the same time. I have to say I like the new moniker. It sounds a little more grown up and adult, plus seriously can you blame her for not wanting to have the same name basically as her father, I can’t.

So now that the decision has reportedly been made does that mean we are all supposed to start calling her Kristina Houston? Not quite yet. The official papers to legally change her name have not yet been filed and there is no word on when she intends to get the process rolling. However if she really does want to distance herself from Bobby Brown, then something tells me that she is going to make this change happen soon. I gave you my thoughts on the name change of Whitney’s daughter, now let me know what you think of her dropping the “Bobbi”” and “Brown” from her name? Do you like it or not or do you even care at all?

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