Demi Moore Leaves Rehab, Now On Vacation

March 3, 2012

Actress Demi Moore is no longer in rehab and reportedly seeking some R & R by taking a little vacation, according to PEOPLE. Let’s hope that she got the help she needed and is on her way to feeling 100% again.

Demi Moore

Last year was quite hellish for Demi, to say the least. In September, she would have celebrated six years of marriage to her husband, Ashton Kutcher. As we all know, the two did not spend that weekend together, instead her soon to be ex-husband had a fling (allegedly) with a gal in a San Diego hotel room. She came forward with the deets on the so-called dirty deed and things went downhill for Moore and Kutcher from there. It was pretty sad, but not too surprising as there were previous whispers of Kutcher’s infidelity the year prior.

After months of speculation, Demi finally announced in November that she would be divorcing Ashton. Photos of Moore looking gaunt had friends worried about her health and undoubtedly the stress of events that had transpired in the last several months had taken a toll. In January, things went out of control for Moore. She was rushed to the hospital after suffering a “seizure like” attack. It was later revealed that Moore had been doing whip-its earlier that night. Following Moore’s one day stint in the hospital, she entered rehab the following day. While her rep said she was seeking treatment to treat her “exhaustion” and “improve her overall health”, a source told E! Online that she sought help with “addiction issues” and an eating disorder. Demi reportedly left Utah’s Cirque Lodge at the end of February and is now “on vacation”, with a source telling E! that she doesn’t plan on rushing back to L.A. just yet.

I wish Demi the best. Hopefully she truly is on the mend and will continue to seek help if she needs it.


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