Sean Young Wants Apology Following Oscar Party Skirmish

February 27, 2012

You’ve probably heard by now that actress Sean Young was arrested last night following a skirmish with a security guard at the Oscars Governors Ball. Young did not have an invite to the soiree and after said security guard told her to leave, she allegedly slapped him. She was arrested and later posted bail around 3:00 am this morning. Now she wants an apology from the Academy.

Sean Young

She told PEOPLE that she wanted to take pictures with some of the party guests so she could post it on her Facebook page. She said that security told her that she had to leave and according to Young, as she began to leave the security guard started grabbing her arm, she tried to pull free from him and in her own words said, “I struck him.”

She is adamant that the security guard is at fault and wants an apology. She said, “They need to make a public apology on behalf of their security guard,” adding that an attorney for the Academy who suggested she be placed under arrest issue an apology as well.

After last night’s incident, many have speculated that the former Celebrity Rehab cast member has allegedly started drinking again. RadarOnline reported earlier today that a source in the know told them that she has indeed “fallen off the wagon” and apparently hasn’t attended an AA meeting for several months.

Young wrote on her Facebook page, “I just want everyone to know that I was sober, extremely well behaved when a very stupid security guard went postal on me and then The Academy’s very stupid lawyer recommended a ‘private person’s arrest’ and I have grounds for a lawsuit against the Academy although I believe a public apology to me would be much better.”

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this story. Stay tuned!

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