Madonna Not Thrilled About MIA’s Middle Finger

February 10, 2012

Madonna is apparently not happy about the way things happened during the Super Bowl half time show, and she is not being shy about it.


Ever the beacon of high morality and decency, Madonna has said she found MIA’s middle finger stunt on live television to be like “something a teenager would do.”

Madge justifies her frustration by saying that the overall performance was a full of “love and positivity” and that the gesture was out of place. Apparently she has forgiven MIA, but that didn’t stop her from being honest about how she felt.

I admit it was the first time I have heard anything out of Madonna in a long time, so it was kind of annoying. But I am so tired of how everyone puts the Super Bowl halftime show under such a microscope.

Is it any worse to watch aggressive men nearly kill each other over a game than it is to flick someone off?

Get the full story over at TMZ.

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One Response to “Madonna Not Thrilled About MIA’s Middle Finger”

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    vender por internet Says:

    Like always, madonna doing the ridiculous!! I love her but sometimes she is…. pfff