Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Gets Nasty

January 30, 2012

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion is already nasty and we are only in part one. Of course Brandi is dishing the dirt so we have plenty to look forward to.


I know I will be tuning in to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion as soon as I am done working. Thank god for DVR’s. Yet, as I sit here working, juicy bits are falling out! The show isn’t even half over and we already know it is getting down and dirty!

Brandi Glanville is already smack talking, just the way Bravo likes it. She claims that the reunion “was like Survivor, they meet up to go after one or the other and so you’ll hear me say, ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t make the meeting’ they planned it all beforehand. They all decided to have a go at Lisa and it’s all silly, petty stuff!”

Brandi went on to say that she defended Lisa because “it just seemed so unfair because it was senseless.”

Brandi also said that Dana Wilkey is such a fame whore, she’s asked her questions like “When do you think people will start to recognize us?” Tell us something we didn’t know. That woman will put herself in harm’s way to get 5 seconds of TV time.

As for what happened after the show stopped filming, Brandi says she keeps in touch with Lisa almost everyday and talks to Camille Grammer several times a week. ”With Camille it’s tough to get her out of the house because she’s got her hot man but we’re going to get her to go to dinner with us tonight.”

Well, you know I love Brandi, girlfriend keeps it real. But I am so over them NOT addressing Russell. It needs to be handled better. No one cares about Taylor for anything else anyway!

Photos: M. Barraza

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