Watch The Ferris Bueller Inspired Super Bowl Ad For Honda (Full Video)

January 30, 2012

Ferris Bueller is back baby! Well kind of back, Honda has released a commercial inspired by the film and featuring Matthew Broderick, who as I am sure you all know starred in the 80’s hit movie. You can see the ad in its entirety below.

Matthew Broderick

The Honda ad that has Broderick channeling the character that made him a household name is hysterical. The full length version of the commercial was released today and it has been blowing up on the Internet ever since. Last week there was a little tease about the Ferris Bueller commercial but today fans got to see it all.

Although Matthew plays himself in the ad he certainly plays off the infamous character. In fact there are a number of key scenes from the film that are recreated or rather moments from the film with their own spin on it, if you will. The thing that is in this version as opposed to the movie version is of course the Honda CR-V and yes you see it everywhere in the commercial. But don’t let that take away from this nostalgic walk down memory lane.

I for one was a huge fan of this movie when I was kid and to now see Broderick kind of reprise that role is awesome. Watching it brought back such memories of going to see it numerous times in the theater and watching it a crap ton of times on cable. I actually think that I might watch a little Ferris Bueller tonight.

Super Bowl ads are always big time and usually you have to wait for the actual Super Bowl to happen to get a glimpse at them but not this time. Nope, Honda decided to get a jump on the competition and release their commercial early and I gotta say not a bad idea. That is my two cents what is yours?

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