The Lying Game Sneak Peek Video From Tonight’s All New Episode

January 30, 2012

The ABC Family hit show The Lying Game is all new tonight and I have a brand new look at the show, which is appropriately titled Dead Man Talking.

The Lying Game 1

I am such a huge fan of The Lying Game that I seriously cannot wait for new episodes, especially for tonight’s show. If you recall it was quite the dramatic ending with Sutton and Emma finding out Annie is not their mother and Rebecca paying Annie a not so nice visit at the hospital. So much good stuff last week. Thankfully the folks at ABC Family are so good at giving me a fix in between shows and have given me a little sneak peek video to share with you, our faithful readers.

After watching the below clip all I can say is this shiz is devilishly good. In the clip as you will see, Sutton is none too thrilled when she sees Laurel and Justin kissing. Being the evil little biotch that Sutton is, which I love by the way, she treats her little sis like crap. Yep, quite the change from Emma and it appears to be leaving Laurel slightly confused and pissed at her sister. This kind of drama is what amazing shows are made of.

Not only do things get intense between Sutton and Laurel but Ethan finds himself in some serious trouble. What happens? Well all I am going to tell you is that there is an unexpected encounter that quickly gets out of control and lands the hottie in trouble. Poor Ethan, he just always seems to get the crap end of the deal and I don’t know about you but I am willing to bet it has something to do with Sutton, just saying. But like you I will have to wait until 9PM EST to find out exactly what goes down, until then enjoy the sneak peek video.

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