Celine Dion Wardrobe Malfunction Gives Fans An Eyeful

January 27, 2012

Fans who attended a Celine Dion concert in Jamaica got a little unintended surprise from the singer. Oh yes let’s just say Celine showed off more than she probably wanted to, pretty sure there were some people in the audience loving it though.

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While performing at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival last Friday the short dress that the singer wore turned out to not be the best idea ever. Celine accidentally flashed the audience during her performance. Apparently the super short hemline of the teeny gold Balmain minidress the singer was wearing gave those who were sitting below a view that they had not bargained for, yep they got to see her lady parts.

Dion had this to say to Zappos Couture’s “The Trend” about the incident.

Normally when people are level the length [of the dress] is fine. But people were like this (looks up)… So it was like I didn’t think of the people downstairs and me there.

Celine later switched to a long dress to finish out the show. I have to say it isn’t like Dion isn’t used to wearing some well barely there outfits she wears them a lot, it just appears this time that she may have gone a little too far. Hey with a killer bod like hers who wouldn’t want to show it off, especially at her age. Seriously if I could pull off an outfit like I totally would but I so can’t do it.

All in all I would say in compared to some other celebrity wardrobe malfunctions this is relatively small. I am not disregarding how embarrassing this must have been for the music star or those getting flashed, I am just saying it could have been worse, lesson learned I am sure. Something tells me next time Celine will make sure someone double checks to ensure her outfits will not show a single thing.

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Photos: www.wenn.comAruna Gilbert/Juddy Eddy/DJDM/Apega

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