’s Club Castle Loyalty Program

January 28, 2012

Castle fans get ready because has a fantastic loyalty reward plan just for you. Yep you are going to get rewarded for simply watching a show that you love, freaking awesome.

Castle Cast

At the beginning of January, Club Castle was rolled out and it is ABC’s way of rewarding fans for watching the hit show. Basically when fans go online and watch videos, view galleries, answer trivia and more, they will be rewarded with exclusive content, points, badges and other attractive prizing! Plus fans will also have the opportunity to prove that they are the biggest fan of the show by checking the leaderboard.

How awesome and fun does this sound? I mean not only do you get to watch some fabulous videos from the show but you can win cool prizes. I am so going to check it out which you and I can both do at Personally I can so totally see myself with a badge. I think this is a great way to not only encourage fans to get more involved with the show online but also for perhaps some who don’t watch the show to check it out, learn more about it, catch up on past episodes, you get what I am talking about don’t you? Then again I am sucker for this kind of stuff probably because I am a TV junkie.

Well my friends there you have it, a fantastic and fun way to get more involved with the show Castle, while earning some fabulous prizes. Be sure to check back here in the next couple of days as I will have some pictures of the amazing things you can win. In the meantime I say go to the above link I gave you and have some fun watching Castle and checking out super cool pics from the show.

Photos: www.wenn.comNikki Nelson

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