Soap Dish: Shout Out To General Hospital’s Jen Lilley

January 28, 2012

It is Soap Dish time again my friends and this week I am giving a shout out to Jen Lilley, who has been playing Maxie Jones on General Hospital since last fall. She has been filling in for an ill Kirsten Storms and she is killing it.

Jen Lilley

When I first saw Jen on screen instead of Kirsten, who I have been a huge fan of since she played Belle on Days of Our Lives, I was like who is this chick. I was not at all pleased that there was a new Maxie. I shamefully admit that I immediately began to judge the new actress and I might have not been so nice. However fast forward five months later and I am in awe of the amazing and talented Jen Lilley. She has quickly become one of my favorite actresses on GH.

To come in and fill in for a super popular actress and character on a soap opera is a really tough job and many fail at it but not Jen. Nope she has stayed true to the character and brought her own unique qualities to Maxie that have quite honestly showered another layer to her, which I love. Lilley has proven that she can hold her own against some of the great vets like Tony Geary and Jane Elliott, if you watched last week’s episodes of Tracy and Anthony’s wedding you know how true this is. Her chemistry with pretty much everyone she interacts with on screen is outstanding.

Last week I thought Jen’s run as Maxie was almost done, that has changed though in recent days, but needless to say even though I was glad to hear Kirsten was returning, I was very sad that Lilley would no longer be on the show. I have to say when and if Storms does return it will take me awhile to get used to her in the role that Jen has made her own. I can’t choose who I prefer as Maxie so I am not even going to go there. That being said Jen you rock and even if you aren’t playing Maxie I hope the powers that be on the show find a place for you because you bring so much to the canvas.

Jen Lilley 2

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