Real World Challenge Battle Of The Exes Interview With Nate & Priscilla

January 27, 2012

I had the opportunity to catch up with Nate and Priscilla from the Real World Challenge: Battle of the Exes. I got the inside scoop on what is going on In the house and the real dynamics of the game.

Nate   Priscilla

I love the Real World Challenges. I have been watching ever since I can remember. My dad would walk in and I would quickly flip the channel. MTV was banned in my house. Oh dad, what a monster you created☺ now I am nearly 30 and not ready to give it up.

Needless to say I was super amped to have the opportunity to speak with the first eliminated team from Battle of the Exes. Priscilla was in a class gettin’ her education on, so I sent over some questions for her to answer asap.

Nate however was on the line and was a super cool dude to speak with. He was laid back and ready to talk about what went down.

Of course I had to get his thoughts on the honey challenge – was it gross or sexy? And WTF happened to all his smack talk!? He was the only person to fall off!

Well, as a guy, he of course thought it was a sexy challenge, though he did note that he wasn’t sure how into it the girls were. As for his epic falls, he blamed it on being second to last to go and the beam being drenched. The water didn’t help either.

In the elimination battle, things were not what they seemed. The motor broke on the rotating bars, and so it became an endurance challenge as opposed to speed. Priscilla had a terrible strategy, which Heather also notated in her interview, which led to her going down first.

Now getting to the juicy bits! Who is the team to beat? Who will reunite because of the show? Nate says that Ty and Emily look good, but the usually CT and Johnny are always contenders. Mark and Robyn are also strong so the vets have a strong chance. But watch out for Dustin and Heather, they are rookies, but strong.

Reuniting? The house, according to Nate, was full of drama – screaming, yelling fighting, there is no telling who will get back together. Sounds like fun times.

He did reassure me that he would love to do another challenge, and this time he wont be fresh off of a show, and drinking at appearances. He will have time to train and rock out.

We can’t wait.

Priscilla’s answers:

Priscilla, was it frustrating not get a dip in the honey or a relief?

I was really amped to get to jump in honey! You know, something to cross off my to-do list! I was definitely bummed I didn’t get to go in, but at the same time, I knowwww how much harder it would’ve been to walk across that beam covered in honey, something that Nate reallyyyy struggled with… yeah, actually, I was pretty bitter about it. Honey-covered-Priscilla would’ve been AWESOME.

Before the dome you said you didn’t feel like Nate was taking it seriously, why?

Nate had spent a lot of time with the social aspect of the game, we both were, thinking that’d be a good tactic to have people on our side if and when we needed it. Unfortunately for Nate, that meant getting drunk a lot more often than he should’ve, including the night before the first challenge. We saw a few times, Nate really discounted anyone else’s ability, and really overestimated his own, which made me wonder if he was ACTUALLY factoring in our real skill, and weighing out our options, strategies, something! I felt really lost, and was looking for the comfort and support of a partner, I think that’s what I was searching for the most from Nate in the time we were there. You can only help your partner if you know where they’re coming from.

Photo Credit: Rene Cervantes/MTV

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