Demi Moore 911 Call Released (Audio)

January 27, 2012

The 911 call that landed actress Demi Moore in the hospital and rehab has been released. There is a whole heck of a lot more going on than her just being exhausted that is for sure. In fact there seems to be a lot of confusion and hysteria and you can take a listen below. It is something to hear that is for sure.

Demi Moore

I have listened to the below audio a couple of times and I have to say this shiz is crazy. The woman who initially makes the call is clearly shaken and so unsure of what to do, you feel bad for her. Plus the phone goes between two people, things were definitely out of control in Demi’s house that night. The dispatcher continues to ask questions as each of the callers try to explain the scene and help.

Anyway I am not going to tell you word for word what it says because that is no good. You absolutely have to listen to it. However what you should be aware of is that we learn that Moore smoked some kind of substance that night, which was not pot and it caused her to have some sort of seizure. We also learned that there was apparently an issue getting to her house. As you may or may not know the actress lives on a very private road so there was some confusion on getting the gate open and things like that.

In all honesty the whole thing is very sad. I mean even though the 911 call has been released the public still knows very little about what took place that night. I would say that is the way it should be and on that note I am going to leave you to listen to the audio. However I do want to say here is hoping that Demi will weather this storm safely and quickly.

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