Demi Moore Lucks Out On 911 Tape

January 26, 2012

Demi Moore could get seriously lucky just before the release of the 911 call that was made before she was taken to the hospital earlier this week.

Demi Moore

First of all, I want to make it clear that I am not making light of her ending up in the hospital. I am also not making fun of her if she has a real substance abuse problem.

With that said, what the heck is going on? Usually the dirty and even disturbing details are aired out when celebrities find themselves in these kind of situations. Instead, word has it that the tape of the 911 call will be edited so that it doesn’t include specific references to the drugs that were allegedly involved or even the friends that were involved.

So what exactly will be on the tape now anyway? I think it might go something like this “okay, so we have a woman here who has collapsed. Help, please.”

How silly is that?

In case you didn’t know, sources have claimed that she was doing nitrous oxide right before she had a near seizure. That is just plain embarrassing. Those aren’t even really illegal anyway, but there is some kind of loophole that allows them to be sold “for culinary purposes.”

So let me get this one right. One of the biggest stars in Hollywood did a few “whip-its” then collapsed. Why is that such a big deal to hide?

TMZ says that it is the LA City Attorney who is suggesting that certain things be taken out of the tape.

The real question is whether or not this has to do with her falling out with Ashton, or if she has an even bigger problem.

We will find out soon, even if the 911 tape has all of the juicy stuff taken out of it.


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