The Biggest Loser & Parks and Recreation Preview Videos

January 24, 2012

I have some fabulous preview videos from NBC hit shows The Biggest Loser and Parks & Recreations for you to check out, sweet! Don’t you just love getting a little sneak peek at what is going to happen on your fave shows?

Bob Harper 1

The Biggest Loser is all new tonight and Parks & Recreation is all new Thursday. Oh yes NBC is giving us some good stuff regarding these fantastic shows.

Let me kick things off with a little glimpse at The Biggest Loser and this one is a doozy my friends. As always TBL never disappoints and this season it is right on once again. Tonight the Black and Red teams fight for exclusive rights to the gym, while one contestant on the Red team does not pull her weight at all. All this plus things get pretty darn heated between Bob and Dolvett and I do not mean that in a good way. Well bad for them good for us viewers, take a glance at the below video to get a small peek at what to expect.

Next up are a couple of clips for Thursday night’s Parks and Recreation. There is a lot going down on this show. To begin with, Tom experiments with some new nicknames in well, a fashion only fitting for him, it is hilarious.

Oh how that show makes me laugh and because it does I am going to give another clip that I just think proves why Amy Poehler is freaking awesome. Leslie gets all bent out of shape at a campaign event and her competitive side puts her in a not so great spotlight.

Well there you have it, a little bit of comedy and a lot of drama to entertain you this afternoon. Make sure to check out The Biggest Loser at 8PM EST tonight and Parks and Recreation at 8:30PM EST.

Photos: www.wenn.comIvan Nikolov

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