Katie Couric Talk Show Gaining Ground, What Does That Mean For General Hospital?

January 23, 2012

There is big news surrounding Katie Couric’s new talk show and that news has loyal General Hospital fans like myself wondering what is going to happen to our show.

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KATIE, which is the tentative title of Couric’s show, has been cleared for broadcast in 93% of the country, plus it has been sold in 95 of the top 100 markets. In plain English that means that the show is gaining a lot of ground to take the time slot currently occupied by General Hospital.

While I am sure the powers that be at ABC are thrilled with what is happening with KATIE, soap fans are worried that the lone soap at the Disney owned network will soon fade to black. Of course no one is commenting on the fate of GH or at what time the former news anchor’s talk show will be airing for sure.

Although I hate to give ABC any sort of credit or defend them in any way I am guessing they have no idea what to do yet. It looks like their new show The Revolution is a big fat waste of TV space, while GH is starting to give The Chew a run for its money. Remember my friends there is always the possibility that network execs will realize that their two new reality shows suck compared to the beloved soaps they had on air. That realization could save GH, it may put the show in a new time slot which could have its own set of issues but at least the show would be on air.

I wouldn’t expect an answer as to what is going to happen to General Hospital anytime soon and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives soap fans the chance to push the GH ratings higher than The Chew and The Revolution and keep it on air. That being said I urge former AMC and OLTL fans alike to tune in to GH, well and all other soaps too but right now we are only talking ABC soaps here.

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