Despite Divorce Seal Set For Ellen

January 23, 2012

Even though word on the web is that Heidi Klum is about to divorce Seal, the singer is still planning to be on Ellen’s talk show this week. I guess business is business after all.


This story bothers me. I am one of the few people who truthfully thinks that marriage is forever. I understand that it is hard to be a married celebrity, but these two would actually renew their vows every anniversary.

Maybe they did it to try to stay strong in a world where more marriages end in divorce than ever. But it always felt like an “in your face” move to everyone who criticizes celebrity marriages.

It was like them saying, “I know you are waiting for us to split, so TAKE THAT!”

At least that’s how I felt it went. So now that they are actually getting a divorce, how is Seal responding?

Well, so far, the plan is to simply go onto a talk show and promote his new music. He is even scheduled to perform. The only real question is whether or not they will avoid the subject of his marriage (or the lack of marriage).

Meanwhile the rumor is that he was an angry guy and that Heidi couldn’t take it anymore. TMZ even called his rumored temper to be “volcanic.”

The one thing that everybody is stressing is that there was no cheating going on at all. I have a theory about that one. Sorry man, but Seal is not exactly the most handsome chap. Sure, he has the accent, and the dark skin, and the talent, but he’s not your everyday Romeo.

Could that be why Heidi Klum picked him? Because she didn’t think he’d ever get involved with the maid? I’m just wondering.

So celebrities, stop acting all self righteous about marriage if you’re going to give up after seven years. Enough already.


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