Kevin Federline Rushed To Hospital In Sydney

January 23, 2012

The man who became famous for a short marriage to Britney Spears is back in the news again, but this time it’s not good.

Kevin Federline

The former dancer was filming a reality show in Australia called “Excess Baggage” when the accident happened. Apparently he was trying to play football with some blokes when he collapsed. He was then rushed to the hospital where he stayed to be observed.

TMZ puts him at 6-foot 231 lbs, which gives him a BMI score of 31.3. That numbers puts him well into the “obese” category. Most of us agree that BMI is a stupid way to determine what kind of shape a person is in, but if you look at recent pictures of him, it’s clear that he hasn’t been doing so good.

In fact, the show is about getting in shape. They were in the middle of filming a training routine when he started to complain of chest pains and couldn’t go on with shooting. After paramedics took a look at him he was sent to the hospital for further testing.

In the beginning, everyone was writing that he had a heart attack, but doctors have ruled that out. Call it whatever you want, he was still being treated like a heart patient.

Here’s part of a statement from a spokesman for the show:

“Kevin was… completing an AFL-related challenge. He did his challenge, which was running and catching the ball, then while his (weight-loss partner) was taking the same challenge, he reported chest pains and a racing heart.

Obviously on this show we have a lot of paramedics on standby and they treated him for the first signs of a minor cardiac arrest, called an ambulance and had him taken to hospital… They want to do blood tests and (he) is likely to be there until at least late tonight.”

What I don’t understand is why he is doing reality TV at all. This guy gets a MAJOR check from Britney every month, and could simply hire a personal trainer. It would be safer, and probably less humiliating.

Then again, he could be chasing fame still, who knows.


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