Jim Carrey’s Daughter Jane Carrey Auditions For American Idol (Video)

January 23, 2012

American Idol is back baby! Last night after the football game that seemed like it would never end, auditions for AI took place in San Diego and there was one contestant that has not only a famous father but a connection to Jennifer Lopez.

Jane Carrey 1

Jane Carrey, who is the daughter of funnyman Jim Carrey, is part of the latest crop of hopefuls making their way to Hollywood to take part in American Idol. Yep, the 24 year old sang an amazing rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About” that impressed the judges enough to move her on to the next round. Now for those of you out there thinking she just got put through because of her famous dad, I would say take a listen to her sing before you judge.

What I personally loved was not only her singing but the part where they do the kind of get to know you video. In that we learn that Jane is a mother and a waitress as well as that she is Jim’s daughter. She talks about growing up with him etc. etc. and it was really sweet. Once Jane gets in front of the judges Randy immediately asks if her dad knows she is there. Once it is revealed to the judges who her father is, J. Lo immediately goes back to her days with Carrey on In Living Color, commenting on how she remember Jane as a little girl. So we get it, there is a connection but that being said this girl has talent. She does need some performance work as Lopez noted, but she has a good voice.

As for how far Jane will go or what impact having Jim as her dad will have on her time on American Idol remains to be seen, but here is hoping she continues on her own merit not her father’s. Seriously she has got some chops. That is my two cents what about yours?

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