Carey Mulligan’s Fashion Fail: Same Dress Twice!

January 22, 2012

Carey Mulligan not only wore a ridiculous, curtain-like dress in public recently, but it was the second time in a matter of a month!

Carey Mulligan Fashion Fail

For you and me, it’s really not a big deal, but for a celeb, it’s a definite epic-fail. She wore this strange, dress that sort of looks like the top of a cocktail umbrella to not one, but TWO events.

The first time she wrapped her grandmother’s curtains around her was for a party in LA, and the second was for something called the London Critic’s Circle Film Awards.

Maybe she thought behind across the pond no one would notice? I really feel like this dress is something a true amateur would put together in an introductory fashion design class.

And what about those shoes? Did she forget the pair she meant to bring and end up borrowing them from a middle schooler?

Shame shame.


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