Kris Humphries Not Entirely Stupid?

January 22, 2012

So it turns out that Kim’s ex-hubby is not as dumb as he comes off. He may have made his first smart move in months over the weekend.

Kris Humphries

That’s right. Even though I have a ton of questions about exactly what the heck happened between he and Kim, I do know that the PR behind it all was a disaster.

Most people have a pretty low opinion of him: he’s annoying, he’s immature, and he’s a douche. In fact, I can’t think of anyone who can even stand the him. Even after claims that Kim could have used him and his wedding as a huge payday, most people still took her side rather than his.

Now he is giving the company that handled his PR, Anderson Group Public Relations, the boot. Can you blame him?

It turns out he wants to have the right people in place to help him become a celebrity, or something he calls his “off the court” career.

I’m starting to believe the theory that his marriage to Kim was a career move… sad – TMZ.

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