Interview With The Lying Game’s Allie Gonino

January 22, 2012

The Lying Game was ABC Family’s breakout hit of last summer. Now the show is back with all new episodes and the lovely Allie Gonino, who plays Laurel Mercer, is getting the chance to mix her real life with her reel life.

Allie Gonino

I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in a Q&A interview with Allie the other day and let me just say she is a fabulous young lady. Seriously there is so much more to this girl than I ever knew and I have such a respect for her. Plus she is unbelievably talented, so you might want to learn as much as you can about her because she is going to be a Hollywood A-lister before you know it.

Obviously most of what was talked about had to do with The Lying Game and Allie’s character Laurel. For example the one thing the actress enjoys the most about playing her alter ego is that with every episode and as her storyline develops, Laurel’s learning new things about life. Allie too is learning new things about life and also about herself. Gonino shared she thinks that playing Laurel is giving her the chance to grow, which is pretty cool.

Along with the enjoyable things about playing the youngest Mercer comes the challenging things as well. Allie shared that the most challenging episode for her so far was the one where Laurel and Justin broke up. It was the first time the actress ever really had to break down and cry in a scene. BTW those of you wondering about Justin and Laurel well it looks like fans will see this relationship repair and mend in the next couple of episodes.

So what exactly is it about Laurel and the show that is appealing to fans? Well according to Gonino there are many elements like the romantic love triangles, the fact that fans have no idea whether Alec is a creep or if he’s a good guy, the super cute clothes the cast wears and of course the mystery aspect of it all. As for Laurel, well Allie says her character is appealing because she is real. Young girls can identify a lot with her because she’s just a regular girl trying to get through life and still remain true to herself. There’s a vulnerability to Laurel that many can relate to.

If you saw last week’s show then you know that Laurel performed with a band, what you may not know is that it is Gonino’s real life band and that will not be their last appearance. The band called The Good Mad will be back in future episodes of the show, which means Laurel and Allie will get to showcase their talents again. I had no idea that Gonino was in a band so for me this
was a pretty cool bit of information to learn.

Lucky for me I got to have a little one-on-one chat with the actress. In all honesty I would have sat there for hours talking to her but I only had the chance to ask a few questions, which I am very thankful I got to ask her.

Rachelle: When you first heard about the role of Laurel, what was it that made you want to play her?
Allie Gonino: I think it was that I saw so much of myself in her. And I probably felt some deep desire to live that stage of my life again and relearn some lessons that I didn’t necessarily remember, learn new things about myself. Plus I just love her wit. She’s so funny and energetic. That’s the type of character I wanted to play. This is my first big role so I wanted to pick something that would really allow me to learn acting, being in front of the camera and all that kind of stuff.

Rachelle: Do you have a behind the scene moment or memory that you could share?
Allie Gonino: Well we rarely get to do scenes where it’s the entire cast in one scene so those are always fun. But the scene where we had the dinner party when the parents went out of town, we were joking and it was just a fun set. We really do get along. All the actors are really intelligent people and want to do good work and are here to tell a story. I think the fans would like to know that all these characters that they’re seeing are not as evil as they appear to be on television. They’re really good people.

Rachelle: Do you have a favorite episode from either what we’ve seen or the shows that you’ve shot that we haven’t seen yet?
Allie Gonino: Honestly the episode that aired last week is my favorite because I got to play the Dixie Chicks song and I got to perform with my real life band. It was like a dream come true and I’m excited for myself. But I was also excited for the fans to see it because I think the music element is interesting and I don’t think any other show is really doing it. So to have all this drama with like a backdrop of music is fun. I was really excited for that episode.

Rachelle: Being on The Lying Game and having your band, you’re very busy and have a very full of life, how do you balance it all?
Allie Gonino: I don’t know. I really just try to take it as it comes and try not to stress out too much which is, honestly, the hardest thing in the world to do is not let it overwhelm me. But we’ve been in the studio and I’ve been filming the show, so you just have to take it as it comes and then treat yourself every once in awhile with a dessert or a drink, which I don’t suggest to people under the age of 21.

Just like you and I, Allie and the rest of the cast are just as surprised as viewers with each new episode. They don’t really know what is happening until they get the script, obviously they hear rumors too but for the most part it is all a mystery to them, which is a great element of the show the actress thinks.

Allie Gonino is an amazing actress and person and she is one to watch. Music may be her first love but acting is her passion as well and she is killing it. If you have not seen Gonino or The Lying Game then I highly recommend you check them both out and put her on list of up and coming stars, because she is going to rock Hollywood, mark my words.

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