Lifetime’s New Original Movie ‘Untouchable’ Premieres Tonight (Photos, Videos)

January 21, 2012

The highly anticipated and controversial Lifetime original movie ‘Untouchable’ premieres tonight. Not sure what all the hype is about well I have some pictures and a video that will make things crystal clear.


Rob Lowe is known for his smoking hot looks and his amazing acting talent. Tonight fans will see Rob like they have never seen him before. He stars as Drew Peterson, the cop who literally thinks he is untouchable. If you have seen any promos or video clips from this made for TV movie, then you know that Lowe is down right creepy in a role that takes him out of his element.

In case you aren’t entirely sure who Drew Peterson is let me refresh your memory a little bit. He is the Chicago cop whose disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy thrust his womanizing and bullying ways into the spotlight. During this time it was revealed that while in the midst of a bitter divorce from his third wife Kathleen she ends up dead. Although at the time it was ruled an accidental death, after Stacy vanished all eyes were on Drew. Through a series of events he now sits in prison awaiting trial in the death of his third wife. Stacy is still missing.

That is the jist of the story but if you want all the goods you have to watch this movie. Even if it normally isn’t your thing, to just see Rob Lowe play such a despicable man is worth it. This is quite a change for the actor who is used to playing nice guy, good looking, funny characters. I for one can’t wait to see the movie tonight and I will be sitting front and center when it airs at 8PM EST. Don’t just take my word on any of this though, watch the below preview clip and you can decide for yourself but I have to say this movie is going to be awesome.

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