Chuck & Grimm Sneak Peek Videos!

January 20, 2012

It is finally Friday and that can mean many things. For some it simply involves a nice evening at home watching some fantastic television, which is why I am going to give you a couple of sneak peek videos at tonight’s all new episodes of Chuck and Grimm, woohoo!

Zachary Levi 1

NBC Friday night is hot hot hot! You have Chuck, which I am sad to say will be ending soon and you have the awesome Grimm. I admit the latter took me a little while to get into because it isn’t really my type of show. That being said I stuck with it and wowza does it have me hooked.

Okay, enough of my babble babble let’s get down to business. I have for you an exciting look at a little role reversal on Chuck. Casey and Sarah will go to great lengths to save Chuck when he is held hostage on a Japanese bullet train.

Next up is Grimm and it is going to be one heck of a night on this show, if these preview videos are any indication, that is. I have a couple of goodies for you to enjoy from this show. The clip has Nick learning about the killer through Aunt Marie’s books. This scene left me with a very creepy feeling after I got done watching it but it isn’t scary or anything weird.

Finally I send you off to enjoy the rest of your day with this fantastic video. Nick of course has some new creature discoveries and Monroe is going to give him a little insight into Nick’s latest discovery. This one will get your curiosity going for sure.

Well my faithful readers there you have some fantastic videos to entertain you on this Friday afternoon. Make sure that you tune in to NBC beginning at 8PM EST for some Chuck and Grimm!

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