Heather Locklear & Jack Wagner Headed To Court?

January 19, 2012

Uh oh, looks like ex-loves Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner could be in some hot water! An argument involving the couple could find each of them facing criminal charges, for real.

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The latest drama to involve the former Melrose Place love birds is a fight that occurred between them last December. According to the LAPD there is now a file on the two and they must meet with the City Attorney’s Office for a hearing. Why you ask, well to determine if one or even both of them should be charged with criminal battery. Those are some pretty serious charges I must say but according to the file the police have it was quite the blowout fight between Jack and Heather.

As for what went down between them, well all that we know is that there was a heated argument between Wagner and Locklear at his home at the end of last year. Things got physical and the cops were called, however at the time neither party wanted to press charges. Fast forward a few weeks later and now they are set to have an informal meeting with the City Attorney’s Office. Even though neither party wanted to press charges their file was turned over to the City Attorney’s Office, which is how this whole new issue came about. The hearing is set to take place later this month and a couple of things can happen. Charges can be filed against both of them or one of them or be dropped, so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Yep, Heather Locklear seems to have quite a few problems now. Here is hoping that she can get her life together and that this little mess between her and Jack gets resolved without any further damage being done. As always please share with me your thoughts on all the shiz going on with Heather.

Jack Wagner

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