Ghost Hunters & Face Off Sneak Peek Videos

January 18, 2012

Syfy fans get ready because I have some good stuff for you, all new sneak peek videos of the hit shows Ghost Hunters and Face Off! Both premiered last week and let me just say they are rockin’ so far.

Ghost Hunters

I am loving Ghost Hunters and Face Off, the second a little more than the first but that is only because I am get scared so easily. Seriously GH is so good but it kind of scares the crap out me. Anyway enough by me being a little wuss, let’s get to the good stuff the sneak peeks of course.

Kicking things off is a little preview of Adam and Brit investigating the basement of Naples Hotel. Why you might ask, well they want to see if they can hear the voice of Topper, who is the boy who allegedly hung himself in the hotel. Yes my friends it is one of those cases and based on what I saw in the below video it is going to be awesome, so take a little look for yourself.

Good stuff I tell you. Immediately following Ghost Hunters there is Face Off and this week the contestants are getting wet. Yep the task at hand is to create makeup that can’t get wet. The group is divided into teams, which doesn’t sit well with Becky who quickly learns that her partner Miranda is not as experienced as she thinks. Cat fight anyone?

It is going to be quite the night on Syfy from voices of a dead boy to two girls getting their fight on. Oh the drama how I love it. The fun begins at 9PM EST, so set your DVR and plan your night accordingly because you will not want to miss a second. I for one will need to make sure I have plenty of blankets to hide under during Ghost Hunters!


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