Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox: Who Would Make A Better Elizabeth Taylor?

January 17, 2012

The battle to play the infamous Elizabeth Taylor is heating up with two big name ladies in the running but are either of them worthy of playing the iconic star? Well that is what I want to know.

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Lifetime is currently working on a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor and both Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox are reportedly in talks to play the screen legend. Larry Thompson, the executive producer of the film titled Liz and Dick, admitted that both ladies are in the running, as well as some other unnamed actresses. He also shared that this is casting for Hollywood royalty, so it is very serious.

All of the mumbo jumbo formative crap aside, I seriously want to know who would make a better Liz Taylor? Personally I think that neither of the so called actresses are worthy of playing the role. Taylor was a talented beauty that earned the respect of Hollywood and oh so many more. To do a movie about her or in honor of her with talentless actresses playing her is a disgrace and I think it will wreck the movie. I would rather see a talented unknown in the role than those two yahoos. I suppose at one point Lindsay had talent but that was back when she was 11 years old. As for Fox, well she is just a hot piece of you know what but she cannot act. In all honesty they would both suck so please the powers that be at Liz and Dick, think before you hire. Just because someone has a famous name does not mean they are going to give you better results than someone who doesn’t.

I have a really strong opinion on this as I am sure all of you do, so let me hear what you have to say about the possibility that Fox or Lohan could end up playing Taylor?

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One Response to “Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox: Who Would Make A Better Elizabeth Taylor?”

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    Jeanette Johnson Says:

    I agree, Rachelle. They need find someone else to play this iconic actress. These two just don’t cut it.