Avril Lavigne & Brody Jenner Split

January 17, 2012

Brody Jenner and singer Avril Lavigne are reportedly dunzo. Yep the couple that lasted longer than I thought they would have split.

Avril Lavigne

The rocker and the former The Hills star have ended their nearly two year relationship. US Weekly is reporting that the couple were clashing over how to balance their relationship with their respective careers. Um seriously, I wasn’t aware that Brody actually had a career but hey if that is the story the magazine is sticking with more power to them.

Anyway, reportedly Avril wanted her man with her at all time which was holding him back from taking meetings, etc. etc. So basically they were at an impasse if you will but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have gone their separate ways. US Weekly further reports that Jenner is working on laying some ground rules for Lavigne in the hopes they can work out their differences.

I must remind you that a rep for neither party has confirmed or denied the break up, just different “sources” for the magazine. The couple in the past has been very affectionate with each other and certainly not afraid to show their relationship in public, remember when he shaved the A in his head? I like them together, I don’t know that I am buying this whole he wants to work on his career reason for the rumored split but I guess weirder things have happened. I could go on about Brody and a career but I will stop for now. I am however going to shamefully admit that I would kind of like to see Brody back on a reality TV, he is highly entertaining even though he is a total douche.

Alright so if in fact this couple has called it quits who would you like to see each of them date next, or would you want to see them reconcile?

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