Nas Hostage Situation Still Ongoing

January 14, 2012

A New Jersey promoter by the name of Patrick Allocco is still being held hostage after artist Nas missed two scheduled concerts in Africa. Get the full details below.

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The hostage situation involving rapper Nas still appears to be ongoing. Reported more than a week ago, according to TMZ, a concert promoter by the name of Patrick Allocco and his son are still being held until the kidnapper receives money he wired to Nas’ camp, who was a no-show to his own concert.

Scheduled to perform on New Year’s Eve in Luanda along with his opening act Jemiah Jai , Nas skipped the show, but did collect a reported $315,000. The rapper claims that due to “miscommunication” he did not board the plane to perform two scheduled shows, but was busted attending a party hosted by Lebron James in Miami.

As a result Angolan promoter Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel became enraged by Nas’ absence, and decided to hold Patrick Allocco and his son at gun point. Miguel is now demanding that Nas return the $315,000 owed, plus an additional $50K for expenses.

In turn Nas has announced that he “refuses to shoulder the entirety of the blame,” but is willing to return the money, with the hope that the New Jersey based father and son can be brought home safe and sound. Days ago the artist was said to be working on paying Miguel back the funds, but according to the NJ Star Ledger, the rapper has only paid back $200,000 of the $315,000 he was given.

He was reportedly planning to send another $100,000, but is now said to be reneging with Patrick Allocco speaking out. To date, the two are still being held hostage, with the U.S. Embassy said to have recently intervened.

Watch Nas talk in a video below about performers scheduling concerts in Africa during a press conference, and don’t forget to tell us what you think of the hostage situation.

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