Soap Dish: Thanks For The Memories One Life To Live

January 13, 2012

It is Soap Dish time again and I have to say I write this one with a heavy heart. As I speak, the final episode of One Life To Live is on TV in front of me. Obviously this week’s column is an ode to the show and all of those who made it special for 43 years.


Although I knew this day was coming I was so not prepared for it, to be fair I wasn’t for the end of Guiding Light, As The World Turns or All My Children either. Having to say good-bye to a show that I have watched since I was a child and characters, who quite honestly feel like family to me sucks really bad and I hate it.

Knowing that literally in a matter of minutes Llanview will be no more brings tears to my eyes but I can’t focus on that right now. I want to talk about how cherished OLTL is and will always be. It gave fans a fantastic escape from reality and introduced us to people like Asa Buchanan, Todd Manning and Victoria Lord to name a very very few. From the heartache, to the romance, to the death to the back to life, one thing was for sure spending an hour with the folks from Llanview certainly made my life better.

The show as a whole just worked and to create an amazing ensemble show everyday like OLTL took a village. Fans only got to see the end result of hours and hours of many many people’s blood, sweat and tears. As a fan I only got to see the actor/actresses work but I think it is so important to salute all those involved with this amazing show. So raise your glass to the crew that worked so hard to make One Life To Live the success it was for 43-years. Here is to all of you amazing people, may you all have continued success in everything you do.

I don’t care what kind of reality make-over try to make me feel better crap that ABC puts in the place of the soap, the show will never find the running success and devoted fan base that OLTL had ever. Starting Monday my TV will be on CBS and NBC during the day, expect for when General Hospital is on because I love it but other than that ABC Daytime is done for me after I say good-bye to One Life To Live!


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