Jimmy Fallon channels David Bowie in Tim Tebow Music Video (WATCH)

January 13, 2012

Jimmy Fallon has become the undisputed king of late night comedy. If crazy videos of parents playing mean tricks on their children were not enough, Fallon showed his own talent last night. Playing Tim Tebow-ie, Jimmy Fallon channeled David Bowie in a spoof music video based on Bowie′s hit single, ′2001, A Space Oddity′. Fallon, dressed in full Glitter-Rock form as A-Lad Insane, sings his own version of the song, this time being a conversation between Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow with Jesus Christ instead of Ground Control and Major Tom.

jimmy kimmel tim tebow
Jimmy Fallon rocks out as Tim Tebow-ie in a hysterical music video. Image Credit: Wenn.com.

You have to admit, whereever you come down on the whole Tim Tebow issue, that Jimmy Fallon has the best writing staff of any of the late night talk shows. Jay Leno and David Letterman are worn-out hacks in comparison, even with their huge staffs of writers supporting them. Alleged comics like Jon Stewart or Bill Maher do not come close to matching Fallon in his style.

The music video is terrific! I can watch this one all day. Well, at least ten or twelve times before getting my fill of it. I have no doubt that the video will go viral. Most of the early morning talk shows today on TV covered the story. So this spoof will be the talk of the day all across America.

So hats off to Jimmy Fallon for his music video spoof as Tim Tebow-ie, channeling David Bowie as singing his own version of ′2001, A Space Oddity.′ In the video, Fallon sings as Tim Tebow asks Jesus Christ to help him win two more games for the Denver Broncos to get into the Super Bowl. Will his prayers be answered? Whether they are or not, it’s been a fun ride thanks to the comedy of Jimmy Fallon.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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