Nina Dobrev People’s Choice Awards: Fashion Fail!

January 12, 2012

OMG. Nina Dobrev’s People’s Choice Awards red carpet photos more than earn a spot in this week’s Fashion Fail.

Nina Dobrev

Let me just start by saying that I absolutely love her. She is in one of my all time favorite shows: The Vampire Diaries. So I feel kind of bad singling her out.

This dress would be great if she could just be like Alexis on Real Housewives and simply rip the sleeves off. It almost looks like she has some kind of bacteria growing on her arms. The color is a little off, too.

Last I checked, it wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day yet, honey. Those leaves or whatever they are on the sleeve look like something my grandma would wear to church.

Let’s go ahead and revisit that outfit. I would fire my stylist.

What do you think?

Photos: M. Barraza

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One Response to “Nina Dobrev People’s Choice Awards: Fashion Fail!”

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    Lynn Says:

    I love Nina Dobrev, let me just say that (as much as anyone can love a celebrity). Maybe anything would have paled in comparison to her GORGEOUS emmy gown…I wouldn’t want to be the dress to follow that performance ;) This one wasn’t her best choice…good thing she’ll be around for a while!