Ricky Gervais Talks Golden Globes With Ellen

January 12, 2012

The Golden Globes will air this Sunday, January 15th, and Ricky Gervais will once again take a turn as host of the ceremony. The British comedian is doing the obligatory press rounds ahead of the show, and spoke to Ellen DeGeneres to explain why he agreed to hosting duties for a third time.

Ricky Gervais Ellen

Ricky Gervais stopped by the “Ellen” show (which will air Thursday, January 12) to dish on the Golden Globes with Ellen DeGeneres. (Check your local listings as to when the “Ellen” show airs in your area to see the full interview.) As Gervais had said previously, he wasn’t going to host the Globes again. Ellen asked what made him change his mind.

“The reason I said yes the first time was because I was very flattered. It was a huge global audience for a comedian. I like writing jokes. That’s what I do. The reason I did it the second time, was I thought I could improve on the first. Which, I think I did.  I wasn’t going to do it again but there were loads of people in the press saying I’d never be invited back and that’s why I said yes.”

While the Brit has been blasted for being a bit brutal to the celebs during the ceremony, will he lay off some of the barbs come Sunday? We’ll find out soon enough, eh? He did tell Ellen…

“I don’t think I was nasty. If they saw my stand-up their heads would explode… People say is there anything you shouldn’t joke about? I don’t think there is. I just think it depends what the joke is. Comedy comes from either a good or a bad place and I was just teasing them, ya know.  It wasn’t a room full of wounded soldiers. These are the richest most privileged people in the world…”

Yep, they certainly are. So be prepared on Sunday, celebs. You’ve been warned.

You can catch the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards January 15th, live on NBC from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST. Check back here on Sunday where we’ll give you the full rundown of the event, including the full list of winners! By the way, leave me your predictions in the comments section below. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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