New Hart Of Dixie Promo With Taylor Swift’s Sparks Fly Released

January 20, 2012

The CW has released a new, and very intense promotional video, for Hart of Dixie’s season 1. An extended preview of what’s to come, the new clip also features pop star Taylor Swift’s song ‘Sparks Fly’ in the backdrop. Check out the sneak peek after the jump and tell us what you think Rachel Bilson fans.

Hart Of Dixie Premiere 1

Due to return on January 23rd, Hart of Dixie’s new episode is aptly titled “Hell’s Belles”, and after seeing what’s to come, fans can be sure things will be heating up on the Zoe-Wade-George front.

The sneak peek showcases a heartfelt Wade telling Zoe just how he feels about her. Meanwhile, George still seems interested in Zoe, and the feeling appears to be mutual on Dr. Hart’s part as well.

The highlight of the CW’s Sparks Fly preview seems to save the best for last. By the end of the preview for the series’ mid season return we see George confess to Lemon that he’s having doubts about their relationship, and sadly he hasn’t felt on the same level as his fiance in some time. It looks like show runners are working to a climatic end for Hart of Dixie’s freshman season.

In other news, the CW has unveiled a new poster of Wade and Zoe with the caption – “There’s a thin line between hate and hot-for.” After seeing the new image of the two, it looks like there really could be some type of relationship, more than just platonic, between the neighbors. Or show runners are just adding fuel to the fire for Team George fans.

Here’s the official synopsis for the new episode below and don’t forget to check out the promo clip.

“When Zoe goes in search of some family history in Bluebell, she discovers that she is a legacy to the Bluebell Belles. Of course, once Lemon catches wind of the news, she makes it her sole mission in life to make sure Zoe doesn’t become an official Belle and puts her through a humiliating initiation. With the help of Wade (Wilson Bethel), Lavon attempts to jump back into the dating scene, but he finds it difficult because Didi (guest star Nadine Velazquez) is telling everyone that he’s in love with her. Meanwhile, George devises a plan to stop a huge chain store from building near Bluebell and as a result driving business away from the town.”

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Credit: The CW

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