The Killers Plan To Release New Album In 2012

January 10, 2012

The Killers plan to release a new album this year according to the band’s front man Brandon Flowers. Together the four plan to hone in on what makes the Sam’s Town rockers great. Get the details on their follow up to Day & Age below.

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The Killers have confirmed that they will finally be releasing a new album this coming year. Announcing the band’s plans, Killers’ front man Brandon Flowers recently spoke with UK’s BBC Radio 1, where he revealed that the new album is well underway, with a release date still in the works.

“It’s just whether it’s [released in] the summertime or the wintertime,” Flowers shared. He also spoke about a new song entitled ‘Battle Born’, calling the yet to be released track a “killer”. The song will be featured on the Las Vegas band’s upcoming fourth studio album.

Ready to get back into their music after staying fairly quiet during 2011, performing just a few shows, Flowers also spoke about the excitement among the guys. “It’s just exciting getting everyone in the room to make some noise. It’s quite a bit louder than with my solo thing, so I’ve got to get used to that.”

This time around their new focus is to dial in on what makes The Killers so great. “I think the consensus within the band is to take those things that we’ve done well and really hone in on that,” he stated. “We don’t want to make Hot Fuss 2 or Sam’s Town 2, or Day & Age 2. We’ll maybe take all that stuff, the best of all of it, and do what we know how to do.”

More news regarding their new album should be on the way soon. Meanwhile, check out The Killers performing their well known track Somebody Told Me below.

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Credit: Dominic Chan/Nick Pickles/Carsten Windhorst/WENN

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