Tom Cruise’s Pool Water For Sale?

January 10, 2012

This is just weird and gross. Someone is selling water that Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes swam in on eBay.

Tom Cruise

I know some people find him to be a little strange. Other people really love to make fun of his Scientology connection. But this is just nasty.

First of all, you can’t really blame Tom because it’s not really clear if he has anything to do with it. But that doesn’t make it any less creepy.

Here is the description of the water:

“For sale is a 4 oz. glass bottle containing water taken from a pool in which Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes swam in with daughter Suri… There is a very limited supply of this special water.”

Okay, so a splash of water from a pool that he SUPPOSEDLY swam in with Katie. What the heck would you want that for anyway? The water comes in some kind of little perfume bottle with a cross on it.

Here is more from the eBay listing:

“The bottle is hand painted and shows a cross to mimic the effect of a bottle of Holy Water. But this cross also bears four gold rays coming from behind, which can also be considered the symbol of Scientology…”

So I guess we can chalk this up to a crazy fan who came up with this, right? The only catch is that the person trying to sell it says they took a picture of them swimming in the exact water. The only guess I have is that this weirdo saw them swimming at a resort, took a picture, then filled up a little bottle with the pool water.

That is so gross. But guess what he thinks people will use it for?

“rituals, potions, or perfumes…”

Wow. What’s next, his nail clippings? There is a photo of it over at RadarOnline.

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