Amber Portwood Hits All New Low

January 10, 2012

Amber Portwood has found a way to reach even lower than rock bottom this week after a letter she wrote from jail made it into the news.

Amber Portwood

I really feel for Leah. At first this girl’s nonsense was a little but amusing, like watching a train wreck. Now all I can think is that I want her to turn her life around for the sake of her cute little girl.

This time a letter she wrote to her brother from inside of jail has surfaced. Inside the letter she explains that they won’t let her use a regular pen because they’re afraid she is going to stab someone. This is something that she thinks is pretty funny, but coming from the mind of a mother behind bars, it’s actually pretty sad.

Someone help this girl out! Get more of the letter over at TMZ.

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