Jay-Z’s New Song ‘Glory’ Features Daughter Blue Ivy (Listen)

January 9, 2012

Proud new papa Jay-Z has released the very emotional song ‘Glory’ featuring his two day old daughter Blue Ivy. Nope I am not kidding and you can listen to it right here.

Jay Z 1

While Jay-Z raps about his newborn daughter you can hear her sweet little cries, or coos as I like to call them, in the background. The new song is an ode to the baby girl that was born on Saturday. He raps about the effect she has had on him and his wife Beyonce but that is not all. Jay-Z talks about false alarms, false starts and the pain of before, letting fans in a little bit on what the couple went through before having their first child. It appears that Beyonce suffered a miscarriage before finally carry little Blue to term.

I have to warn you my faithful readers ‘Glory’ is quite the emotional song. There is a good possibility that you will tear up just a little, I know I did. I absolutely love this song and not just because of those cute little baby sounds. It is a song full of hope I think and I don’t just mean that because the couple now has a baby. To me it is saying hey we all go through stuff but at the same time look at the blessings that life gives you. I could very well be reading too much into it but I have listened to the below audio a couple of times now and each time I feel happy and cry a little. That being said I am sure that you all have thoughts on the song ‘Glory’ as well and I want to hear them. It is after all the rapper’s first song about his precious little girl, I am sure it won’t be the last though. Alright let me know what you think.

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