Sinead O’Connor Calls Off Divorce

January 4, 2012

Another celebrity reconciliation — Sinead O’Connor calls off divorce from her estranged husband, Barry Herridge, whom she split with after just 16 days of marriage. The two married on her birthday on December 8th.

Sinead O Connor Barry Herridge

Sinead took to Twitter and revealed that she and her hubby have decided to give it a go on their marriage, after they reportedly had a mad night of lovemaking.

guess whohad a mad love making affair with her own husband last night?

Yay!!! we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again an stay married but we did rush so we gonna return to b friend g friend

an be sickenly happy an go counsellin an move in in like a yr like regular people.. but stay married an we all in love an f*** every other

It was on their wedding night that things started to go downhill for Sinead and her new husband. She was trying to find herself some marijuana that night since she doesn’t drink, but when your husband is a drug counselor, it’s clearly not the smartest thing to do. Herridge was said to be quite scared when the Nothing Compares 2U singer ended up with some crack after finding themselves in a very bad area of Las Vegas.

On December 26, in an effort to set the record straight because the story was said to be leaked in a few days, she announced that she and her husband would be divorcing, admitting that they had rushed into the marriage. Here we are, eight days later and the two have reconciled, deciding to first be boyfriend and girlfriend and later move in together. The divorce is off and they are back on.

Will this marriage survive? It started off quite rocky, eh? I think we all know the answer. They’ll be dunzo in no time.


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