Justin Bieber Bombed by Royal Canadian Air Farce

January 2, 2012

Teen singing idol Justin Bieber may be loved by much of the world, but in his native Canada, he needs to look out. This weekend, Justin Bieber was bombed by the Royal Canadian Air Farce, the long-running comedy troop of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. Since moving from their original radio show to television, the CBC mirth-makers have been dealing out comic-pain as part of their annual New Years TV special. So why did they pick on Bieber?

justin bieber bombed
Justin Bieber may be loved by many, but the Royal Canadian Air Farce bombed the teen singing idol with slime on their New Year TV special. Image Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / Wenn.com.

Since 1992, the Royal Canadian Air Farce has been ringing in the new year with their dry, Canadian wit on the CBC television network. In the past, they often used the infamous ′Chicken Cannon′, a large air-powered gun, to fire rubber chickens and other gooey messes at those the Air Farce deemed deserving. This would include politicians who misbehave and celebrities who just become too darn annoying.

Justin Bieber certainly qualifies as being annoying. He reminds me of a bowl of jelly beans. Sure, they look wonderful. They taste delicious. Who wouldn’t want a bowl of jelly beans? But if all you do all day is eat jelly beans one after another, you get sick from the excess sugar. Too much of anything, no matter how sweet and pleasurable, is bad for you. Such is the case as we have seen with the Bieber-botts, his crazy fans who worship Bieber as some living demigod.

So Justin Bieber was bombed as Target Number One by the Royal Canadian Air Farce during their annual New Years TV special. Others who were bombed with slime dropped on their pictures include Charlie Sheen and the Geico Gecko. But Bieber got special attention from the Canadian Broadcast Corporation′s comedy troop. They dropped a special bomb on Justin Bieber′s mug consisting of a mix of Pepto Bismol, Clearasil, and alphabet-shaped pasta. The slimy mess looked good on the over-rated teen pop music star.

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