Matias & Monica: Mother, Son Fear Factor Duo NOT Incestuous

December 14, 2011

Last night the mother and son team Matias and Monica appeared on Fear Factor. Seems like they are in need of ratings cause Monica is claiming they edited it to make them look incestuous! Check out the video here.
Whoa Fear Factor, need some ratings? That is what Matias and Monica thought after watching their episode where they “hug too much.”

joe rogan

Monica tells us,

“Last night when the show aired, I was SHOCKED. I am appalled and disgusted at the comments of people on the show about Matias’ and my relationship and how it seems ‘inappropriate’ for a mother and son. Are you kidding me?…In no way, shape, or form am I inappropriate with my son … I’m broken hearted. Joe Rogan … shame on YOU. You are a father. How dare you talk about my son that way?”

Check out the video below and see what you think. They are a bit touchy feely – like I cant imagine bumping heads with my mom that close, but hey. Whatever floats your boat.

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So after watching the video, what do you think about Fear Factor’s Matias & Monica team?

Photos: Judy Eddy

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