Dirty Mike Rowe Lawsuit & Other News

November 21, 2011

A South Dakota prisoner named Mike Rowe is attempting to sue the Discovery star by the same name over some ridiculous claims.

Mike Rowe

It’s pretty much commonplace for a celebrity to get sued for something that sounds crazy, but this one is actually kind of funny. The inmate Mike Rowe claims that he can’t get through a single day without hearing comments about his name, including being called “Dirty Jobs.”

The dumbest part is that he is actually trying to say that he copyrighted the name “Mike Rowe” and that the reality star has no right to use it.

I’m just wondering if you can actually copyright a name that someone was given at birth. What does he expect, for the TV star to change his name just because he ended up in jail?

Get the rest of the story over at TMZ.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Ivan Nikolov

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