Supernatural ‘Time For A Wedding’ Episode Review

November 12, 2011

The Winchester brothers, and a wedding? It just doesn’t sound right and that’s why this latest episode of season 7 is drawing plenty of curious fans. Get our full review of Supernatural’s ‘Time for a Wedding’ below.

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In another entertaining episode Sam has tied the knot! Unbelievable but true, the younger Winchester runs into a past friend, who he is madly in love with after only spending four days together. The fact that it was Becky came as a surprise too.

If you’re like me, and try to avoid spoilers, you’ve only figured it out right as the preview began to roll in the beginning of the episode. Although I thought another character would show up to become Sam’s new bride (maybe an unknowing Lisa, with a drugged Sam), Becky was the one to don white, and make Dean’s head spin around.

Dean’s reaction was hilarious, as well as Sam’s cool demeanor regarding his new found love with the Supernatural groupie. Of course long time fans of the show knew right from the get go that Sam had to be drugged. Slipping Sam a love potion she got from her wicken friend, Becky spends most of the episode showing her love sick husband off, helping him hunt a case, in between continuously drugging him so that he didn’t have a grip on reality.

Dean was also on the same case, sticking around town to help his brother and, with the help of Bobby, hunting with a skinny little temp hunter named Garth, played by DJ Qualls. This storyline in itself was also funny. Seeing Dean pair up with such a fragile and strange partner made for some funny moments. Even Sam in his influenced state saw the humor in this scenario.

Eventually Sam and Dean reunite after Becky’s dealer tells her the truth about his actual cross roads demon identity. Helping the brothers, she arranges the demons capture, and finally signs those annulment papers while giving Garth the eyes!

Next week Supernatural – “Sam, Dean, and Bobby become actual hunters, in the true sense of the word, when they set up camp in a New Jersey state park to track a creature that has been attacking people in the woods. The townsfolk claim it is the real Jersey Devil. Meanwhile, Dean is beyond thrilled to find a Biggerson’s restaurant in town, but is devastated when he discovers the restaurant’s special sandwich seems to be making people crazy.”

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