Kari Byron is a HOT Redhead (Photos)

July 6, 2007

Meet Kari Byron, and better yet see her hot photos below. We love redheads, especially ones with pretty butts.

Kari Byron
Kari Byron

Kari is an artist based in San Francisco who starred in the television series Mythbusters. She graduated Magna cum laude from college, with an emphasis in film and sculpure, which means she is a smarty pants and good with her hands. You should be so lucky. See her art and visit her personal website.

Kari Byron once got her naked butt scanned on the Mythbusters television program. Luckily a video recording was made of that historic moment in television history. As a fashion-aware actress, she once said “What would be the best pump-action shotgun to go with my outfit?”

Kari Byron Video
See her butt

She posed for FHM photos in their men’s magazine.

In order to get the television job, Kari had to model her pretty ass for the producers, which caused her to joke later that she was hired for her butt. View the photos below and you will understand why. But not only does she have a nice ass, but she also has a beautifully formed tummy.

Did you know that only one percert of the population has naturally occurring red hair like Kari Byron? Cultural reactions of these unusual beauties range from scorn to admiration; many unfair stereotypes exist regarding redheads, and they are often portrayed as the “fiery-tempered redheaded girl�?. Shame on you people!

Another name for redhead that is commonly found in the United Kingdom is “ginger” head. Did you want to know?

Here are the pictures.

kari byron redheadkari byron Kari Byron ponytailkari byron bootskari byron tummy
Kari Byron Photos

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  1. 1
    David Says:

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    It’s located at: http://mythbusters-wiki.discovery.com/

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  2. 2
    Kyle Says:

    Kari Byron Fansite =) has bio and pictures

  3. 3
    Dan Says:

    she’s really sexy

  4. 4
    bryen Says:

    she is really hot

  5. 5
    Robert Says:

    She could eat crackers in my bed anytime. Really!! I would sit in the living room and drink a beer while she ate them Like I do with my wife

  6. 6
    Butch Says:

    Kari is a very smart and beautiful young lady love to watch her

  7. 7
    brandon Says:

    kari please go on a date with me

  8. 8
    sunshine Says:

    so, I thought Kari was all hot and cool and the typical “rebel” girl…then she got pregnant and I was interested in who got her pregnant and the more I dig into her past/present/future…the more I am disillusioned by her…I know she is human and all but her art….WTF is up with the whole marrionette type thing…she’s just another smart weirdo.

  9. 9
    jake Says:

    Kari has one hot ass. i would kiss and massage her ass before sticking my hard meat up her hole.

  10. 10
    paul Says:

    Don’t know about ‘ginger’ but in Scotland it’s pronounced ‘ging-ger’ to rhyme with ‘ming-er’ which means a slapper, trollop, slut, low-life or generally undesirable.

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